All in one

Software Marketing Solution

Leveraging our accumulated expertise and extensive experience in the field of software sales and customer service, our system is designed to orchestrate and automate the customer subscription and payment processes. Committed to minimizing administrative work to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness.

Integrated Service

Reduce operational expenses and maximize value.


Marketing System

Supports multi-currency payments, various marketing methods, and order management.


Affiliate System

Enables the media industry to rapidly expand your business.


Reseller System

Makes it easier to manage Reseller distribution business.

Just 3 Steps, Easy Integration

We aim to thoroughly address industry issues, overcoming challenges such as cumbersome trials and difficult testing. By choosing our software service, you can start an incredibly smooth experience with just one click, no waiting required!

Embed Code

Integrate the dedicated JS code into the purchase page of your software.


Publish Products

Access the APSDAI merchant system and easily add new products to your inventory.


Add Product Shortcode

Attach the product shortcode address to the purchase button.



Multiple payment methods for easy customer transactions

Leveraging our expertise and extensive experience in software sales and customer service, we are committed to helping merchants streamline their processes by providing a one-stop solution to various challenges they face. Our goal is to offer comprehensive support to developers, allowing them to focus on their development work and easily achieve growth in performance.

System Usability: 95%

Fast Payment

A streamlined payment page for easy and quick transactions.

Professional Support

Over 10+ years of customer service experience.

Rich Features

Reconstructed and redesigned for more user-friendly product features.

Integrated Service

Unified solutions for affiliates, Reseller, marketing, and more.


Effortlessly eliminate challenges that hinder software sales

We warmly welcome you to join our partnership program! Together, we collaborate using our software and service resources to help you quickly promote your products or services worldwide. Let's work together to achieve this goal!

More Comfortable User Interface

Through continuous optimization and reconstruction, we provide end-users with a convenient and comfortable payment experience.

Diverse Payment Methods

We continually add various payment methods to help users from different regions complete payments easily.

Multilingual Support

Our payment pages automatically switch to the corresponding language and payment methods based on the end-user's browser language.

Order Inquiry

Users can quickly and easily view their purchase history and order information.

Invoice Issuance

Customers can customize invoice types according to their needs, and we will conveniently issue invoices for you in the backend.

Affiliate Marketing System

Integrated service that helps you quickly create different product or service promotion plans, making user promotion more convenient.

Reseller System

Our system helps merchants easily implement secondary distribution, allowing dealers to complete purchases without barriers.

Marketing System

We provide a complete marketing plan to facilitate effective promotion for your subscribed users.

Traffic Boost

We utilize our rich customer resources from the Soft Purchase Mall to help you with effective promotion.


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